The Hartcliffe Posters

This blog is the documentation of the posters that were placed outside Morrisons in Hartcliffe for one afternoon in March 2012.

The project was initiated as part of a Graphic Design Brief, in which statements from the locals were to be placed within the area.

If I were to work on this project again, it would be interesting to see what the local reaction would have been if the posters had remained up for longer than one afternoon, and would most likely ask residents if they agreed with the beliefs of the interviewed resident.

Overall I would call the project a success. Essentially, the posters have acted as a voice for a local resident of Hartcliffe, a voice which has managed to reach a variety of generations, from school children to the elderly. It is unknown whether the positive messages of a communal input will stay with the audience after they have left the site of the posters. However if these posters can inspire one individual to do something for the community of Hartcliffe, then they have completed their task.